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Our Mission Statement

"To create beautiful handmade gifts which bring joy and happiness while supporting and raising awareness of Down Syndrome and building my daughter's future"

About Us

AmMia was created for and named after my beautiful daughter Amelie Mia (the Am stands for And Mummy).

Amelie was born on the 25th March 2017 by emergency section and diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after. As soon as I held her in recovery I knew she had Down Syndrome and so our grieving process began. Amelie’s diagnosis had a massive detrimental impact on both me and my husband’s mental health. I have since learned that this period of shock and trauma is quite normal but at the time we struggled and found it extremely difficult.

In June 2018 I knew something had to change. I had to try to distract my thoughts from spiraling completely out of control. My mother-in-law had given me wool that I decided to make baby blankets for my sister-in-law who was expecting twins and who have since arrived safely.

Gradually, through making these blankets the tears lessened and I found crocheting to be a welcome distraction and a form of therapy. I enjoyed making the blankets and was pleased with how well they had turned out. It was then I realised it was time to take back control. Instead of worrying about my daughter’s future, I decided I would do everything I could to help shape it. AmMia was born.

With the help of my wonderful, patient, caring husband, we formed the logo that I had in my head and turned it into a reality. I started crocheting keyrings and bookmarks. I want to help and support other children in addition to my daughter and hope that as I grow I can achieve this.

I have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and grieved for my daughter, worrying about her future until I finally took back control and created AmMia for her future, which also acts like therapy for me. People have been so supportive and I will always be so grateful.

I want to grow AmMia into a brand that will continue to provide for Amelie long after I’m gone. I want to learn new things, to teach Amelie and grow our product range.

We hope our business goes beyond the act of creating things, but we hope to raise awareness, gain acceptance and help others. We hope that one day, we can rid the world of the label…my daughter and others are not Down Syndrome, it’s a condition they have but that does not define them.

Hopefully one day our dreams will become true, but I could not have got so far in such a short time without everyone’s support. Since creating AmMia I have been contacted by many people who have been touched by Down Syndrome and their words of encouragement have made me even more determined to reach my goals.



Dedicated mummy.


Amelie Mia

CEO of AmMia.